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Design Practice directed by Cristina & Vanessa based in Monterrey (MX) and operating worldwide. Founded to provide a fresh contemporary vision on design that challenges the standards and pushes creativity forward. We offer Art Direction, Brand Identity and Consultancy services for clients in all fields. Our approach is based on visual and conceptual exploration perfomed by an interdisciplinary team with a unique sense on current culture. The Studio engages in collaborations with a talented network of artists and designers in order to create work that stands on the forefront of visual culture.


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Monterrey Nuevo Léon,SPGG
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Computer Arts ( USA )

Monocle ( LDN )

APD No.15 ( ASIA )

Simplicity ( CHN )

Color Now ( CHN )

APD No.13 ( ASIA )

Color Code ( CHN )

étapes ( FRN )

Upstart! ( FRG )

Graphicfest ( JPN )

Iridescent ( JPN )

Eat & Stay ( CHN )

Los Logos ( DE )

Less is More ( JPN )

Logo Talks IV ( CHN )

void ( CHN )

Brand Addiction ( HK )

Parametro Studio explains how our team tasked with giving an art festival a strong identity
"Full Spectrum of colors,Parametro Studio's colorful identity work for an art festival" Link

A fearless Mexican city is drawing comparisons to the world’s most exciting design hubs. We meet its key figures. Off the grid. Link

Under the subject of "Explore New Design-led Boundaries", APD No.15 (Asia-Pacific Design) explores how design can integrate emerging interdisciplinary approaches in diversifies development and seeks innovative solutions through design-led thinking.

Graphic Design Elements: Simplicity collects over one hundred works completed with limited elements mainly pictographs, numbers, and letters. By globally renowned graphic designers. it aims to serve as an indispensable guide for designers who want to achieve a sophisticates yet simple style.

This book includes basic color theories that help readers gain a better understanding of color. It also delves into the psychology of color, along with color associations and applications in commercial designs.

Taking the future of design as its theme, APD NO.13 praises latest creations and design fruit that affects the industry development at Asia-Pacific region under cultural backgrounds of rich diversity As the reflection on design in the future, 480 pieces of excellent practical works are carefully selected.

Explore the subject of color by decoding the secrets of it's use in branding and identity design. The design projects that the books features reveal the dynamic possibilities offered by the thoughtful application of color and illustrate the visual impacts of colors in different industries. This volume is an essential guide for understanding and mastering the use of colors in graphic design.

Graphic and culture visual design magazine.

Upstart! presents fresh branding concepts for spirited companies around the world. This compilation pairs a survey of perfectly orchestrated visual identity designs with in-depth case studies that reveal exceptional storytelling and the full lifecycle of a brilliant branding system.

Graphic fest puts the spotlight on distinctive visual identities that effectively distilled and depict the essence of the festivals and fairs they represent in eye-catching ways. This book showcases a comprehensive range range of creative applications from logo and type to environment settings and souvenirs to inspire, inform, and impact designers and organizers alike.

Palette 08: Iridescent explores the power and possibilities of color and a palette both existing in a single form through more that 100 creative projects from all around the world. Discover how artists and designers today are experimenting with holographic hues to generate new work realms that intrigue and inspire.

Delicious food makes consumers happy; delicious branding and interior atmospheres make them ecstatic. A well-designed culinary philosophy, enhance it's brand image, and trigger it's costumers appetites, from menu design and branding solutions used by restaurants from all over the world.

Los Logos 8, the classic compilation and thoughtfully curated showcase of current developments in logo design, delves into the realm of an ever-evolving and always present branding component.

Today’s printing technology allows color to bloom in profusion on virtually any kinds of communication materials. Less is More collates about 120 projects that use only a few colors to attract the eye. They are tailored for clean and effective brand identities, packaging designs, publications and events, large and small.

Logo Talks IV offers an incredibly diverse collection of visual trademarks, enabling instant communication between consumers and businesses, creating a unique impact through easily identifiable pictorial representation. A comprehensive and inspiring collection-Featuring more than 1000 of the worlds most recognizable corporate logo design projects.

The aesthetics of void helps extract the essentials, maximize functionality, and more importantly, achieve a peaceful harmony. The rich coverage of graphic designs of this style by outstanding designers worldwide in this book provide valuable perspectives and inspirations for anyone interested in this unique style.

Brand Addiction is a compilation of complete visual identity systems designed for fashion shops. From the door sign to the label, these projects take into account every detail of decoration, from labels, stationary, wrapping paper, bags, boxes or gifts, and all sorts of decorative elements that contribute to a brand’s identity.


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